Stained Glass, Oil Painting


This oil painting was made to replicate a stained glass window which held sentimental value for the client. The church window it is based on was from a church that underwent renovation. My client had fond memories of the windows in the church, and commissioned this painting as a way to keep those fond memories intact.

I edited the original design to be much smaller vertically than the original church window, but otherwise replicated the design in both shape and color. Acrylic paint was used as an underpainting with layers of oil paint over it to achieve the “stained glass” look. It was painted on wood, which was later cut to resemble a window, with a hook added to the back so it could be hung on the wall. I very much like the idea of bringing a piece of a place you love home with you, and I think this painting is a wonderful way to do so.


McCurdy Miller