Waves, Digital Print on Fabric



This textile design project, entitled ‘Waves’, is based off of one of my acrylic stamp paintings. This pattern creates an interesting illusion on fabric, with its geometric and yet organic qualities. It has both a bold, playful nature and a quiet subtlety depending on its coloration.

A photo of my acrylic stamp painting can be seen below. This painting presented a challenge in terms of putting this design into repeat. Due to the angle of the curves, this design has a tall repeat tile. The original painting did not have a full repeat but because of the design’s simplicity and repetition I was able to fill in the gaps to complete the design. Using Adobe Photoshop I indexed the colors and made several different color stories for this pattern, seen below. I considered vectoring this design and smoothening its shapes, but I ultimately decided that the painted texture was more interesting, and because I was going to digitally print this design I thought I would take advantage of the millions of colors that digital printing can produce.


Personal Project